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Regardless of whether you're a card sharp or a slots player chasing that elusive jackpot win, you can play pretty much all of your favourite casino games online. And not just for fun either, you can play for real money.and win cold hard cash There are some fantastic online casino sites available on the web, offering literally thousands of different slots and every type of blackjack, roulette and poker imaginable. 

Throughout this guide we'll cover the ins and outs of the online casino world, covering software, games, payment methods and advice on getting the most from your game. And,  of course, we'll also provide recommendations and reviews of trusted casinos. Starting with out current favourites, which you can find below.

Best Online Casinos For 2017

Is Online Gambling Legal?

This is a very good question, and one where the answer is going to depend on where you live, and what site you're wanting to play on. Generally speaking there are three approaches a country can have towards online gambling:

  1. Licensed - A country that has chosen to license online gambling will normally require all casinos to hold a licence to be able to offer services to players in that country. Playing at a licensed casino is these countries is both legal and offers a formal body to turn to if you have a complaint. A good example of this style of approach is the UK whose regulatory body, the Gambling Commission, keeps a watchful eye on approved sites to make sure they offer a fair game.
  2. No Formal Laws - A large part of the world falls into this category. Here there may be some rules about various elements of online gambling, but where there is no formal yes-or-no answer as to what is and isn't allowed. Even in the USA where they go out of their way to make things complicated for players, online casinos aren't technically illegal - with the wire act only applying to sports betting. If you fit into this category then use your best judgement.
  3. Banned - Finally there are countries who outright ban all, or some, forms of online gambling and casinos. If you reside in a country where online casinos are not legal, then we suggest that you do not play online. You may find some casinos who will risk the rules and accept players from your country, but generally speaking it's not a good idea.

As an online guide there's no way we could list the rules, and keep up to date with them, for every country in the world. So we suggest that before playing you familiarise yourself with the rules that apply to your country.

If you fit into category number 2, the 'grey area' countries where there are no laws for or against online casinos, then we recommend playing at a casino that is licensed in a country which does have an official regulatory process. This will help ensure a fair and safe game, and often provides a channel for formal complaints, should the need arise.

Licensing Jurisdictions

All of the casinos listed on this site are licensed in at least one approved jurisdiction - with many holding licenses in multiple countries. This is becoming more and more important as individual countries choose to regulate online gambling and establish their own licensing requirements.

Below you'll find a some of most common jurisdications along with a bit more information about them and how they operate - as some are definitely better than others and have more 'teeth' when it comes to ruling over their licensees

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Malta
  3. Gibraltar
  4. Alderney
  5. Curacoa
  6. Kahnawake
  7. Isle of Man

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Disclaimer: Please note that the legality of gambling online varies between countries and it is your responsibility to verify that your actions are legal in the country you reside. Please play responsibly - if you feel you may have a problem and need advice please visit Gamble Aware (UK) or Gamblers Anonymous.