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High Stakes Casinos are designed for players who enjoy playing nose-bleed stakes, or, in other word, who enjoy wagering lots of money each time they play a game. While most online casinos offer some form of 'high stakes', there are some casinos that cater better to players looking to play at high stakes. In this post, we’ll look at some of the things to look out for when choosing an online casino, along with our list of recommended high stakes casinos.

This is extremely important and you need to ensure the casino you choose offers large withdrawal limits, high gaming limits and a lucrative rewards program – often known as a VIP. or Loyalty Scheme. Later in this post, we’ll go into each of these in more detail, explaining what they are and why they’re important, but first, we'll have a look at where to play.

High Stakes Casinos: Where to Play

As you’ve seen, there’s a number of things to take into account before settling on which online casino to join, but we’ve made things super-simple for you, by compiling some of the best High Stakes Casinos around in a simple and clearly set out table. You can view the chart below.

High Stakes Casinos: What to Look for

Withdrawal Limits

The first thing you’ll want to look at is the deposit and withdrawal limits offered by the casino. This is important for a number of reasons, but, primarily, the fact that – if you win big – you want to be able to withdraw big rather than having to stagger your withdrawal over weeks, or even months, as some online casinos will have you do. For example, say you hit a big win on a video slot – a £100,000 localised jackpot. Choose the right casino, and you can withdraw that sum all in one go.

Choose the wrong casino, however, and you may find you’re limited to – for example – withdrawing a maximum of £10,000 a week – resulting in you waiting over 2 months to withdraw your win in full! To help you ensure you’re playing at an online casino that offers the highest or even uncapped withdrawals, we’ve included a column in our table below, which shows the specific withdrawal limits at all of our recommended casinos.

Gaming Limits

The second thing you’ll want to look at is the specific game-limits set by casinos. Software providers generally ensure their games can be played at high-stakes – often as much as £1,000 per spin on the slots, and £5,000+ on casino table games, such as Blackjack and Roulette. However, the online casinos have control over the maximum bets they offer in order to limit their risk, so while you may find a video slot with a £1,000 maximum spin at some online casinos, the exact same game could be offered with a maximum bet of just £20, at other casinos.

You’ll generally find it’s the smaller casinos that offer lower betting limits, as they simply can’t expose themselves to the risk that higher limits could. But rest assured that all the casinos listed in our table below offer some of the highest betting limits around. Thankfully, with the advance in technology and with online casinos not having the overheads that land-based-casinos do, such as staff, building-costs and premises-licenses, the maximum gaming limits are relatively flexible. This means you’ll find games, including both casino table games and video slots with a varying range of limits.

Video slots generally offer all staking options from within one game. That means, you don’t choose the slot-game dependant on certain limits. Instead, you open up the game and choose your limits inside the game, usually using a combination of the coin-value and bet-line value. Casino table games are a little different and most online casinos will offer multiple variations with each variation offering a different betting-limit. For example, you may find European Roulette available in three variants. One with a £5 minimum and £100 maximum limit, another with a £25 minimum and £500 maximum limit, and, finally, one with a £100 minimum and £1,000 maximum limit. This is just an illustrative example though and you can often find games with limits as high as £3,000.

Some online casinos will offer increased betting limits to their VIP players only, so it can often be worth inquiring about this, as you may find yourself able to play at higher stakes than openly advertised.

VIP Programs

The third major thing to look for when choosing an online casino is the VIP or Loyalty program you’ll be entered into. Naturally, as a high-stakes player, you’ll be treated with a host of bonuses and ‘perks’ for playing at an online casino and they’ll generally do everything they can in order to ensure you stay at their casino, rather than changeover to a competitor's site.

This may sound like you’re no more than just a $ sign in their eyes, and while you must remember that is largely true, it’s a great time to take advantage of the casinos' desire to keep you as a player with some online gambling sites offering very lucrative VIP schemes. This can include the form of cashback, VIP giveaways and special 'progress bars', which allow you to earn cash, spins and even real-life prizes the more and more you play.

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