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If you hit a big win at an online casino, it’s only fair that they get your money to you in a fast, and integral way. Yet despite the advancements in banking and casino technology, some online casinos still take up to 3 days to process withdrawals – something that most players find unacceptable in today’s modern world.

In this post, we’re going to look at the fastest-paying casinos around, alongside some of the reasons why it’s so important you game at an online casino that does offer fast withdrawals.

Factors that Affect Pay-Out Speeds

There’s a large number of things that can affect the time a casino takes to pay you out, so below we’ll look at some of the most common reasons.

Pending Periods

Most online casinos (even those that process withdrawals in an hour or two) will place all withdrawals into what’s known as a pending period. This can seem like a pain and often, it is – especially if online casinos don’t process the withdrawal quickly – but it is important to remember that online casinos are businesses and they do have certain responsibilities.

There’s actually two main reasons why pending periods exist:

  1. The first, is to ensure players haven’t broken any of the casinos terms and conditions. This can include things like playing fraudulently, taking advantage of a malfunctioning game, and doing checks on the players' age, name, and address. For more details of the latter, see the 'Verification' section below.
  2. The second reason is that payments must be sent manually in most cases. This means someone from the casinos banking team needs to actually process the withdrawal and send you the cash.

The exact time your withdrawal will be in a 'pending perio'” depends largely on your status at the casino, whether their team works 24/7, and the size of the casino you choose to send your business.


All online casinos have a duty to run certain checks on their players (UK-licensed casinos more so than others), and this is to ensure a number of factors, shown below.

Age Verification

Almost all jurisdictions forbid anyone under the age of 18 from gambling, and it’s a casino's responsibility to ensure their players are all above the legal gambling age. Usually, verifying a players age is simple and sometimes a casino can do it automatically, using the Electoral Roll, but where the Electoral Roll contains insufficient information, or where the casino wants more assurances a player is who they say they are, they may request ID and proof of address.

Self-Excluded Players

Online casinos have a duty of care to ensure they follow Responsible Gambling guidelines. A big part of this is ensuring that players who have previously self-excluded from the casino cannot sign up and gamble, using a second account.

One thing that’s important to mention is the fact that – for the majority of players – these checks will be one-offs, and once you’ve gone through them once, you’ll generally find you won’t be asked for ID or verification documents in future.

Manual Flushing

Building on what we looked at above, with the pending periods, it’s also important to consider the manual flushing option, where available.

The problem is, with many casinos, when your withdrawal is in its pending stage, you can reverse the withdrawal. This is, essentially, cancelling the withdrawal, and the money goes straight back into your account balance. This can be beneficial in certain circumstances, for example, in cases where you want to keep playing but don’t want to deposit again.

But, some players find they often make a big withdrawal only to come back a few hours later, withdraw it, subsequently losing all the money they already tried to withdraw. To help players combat this, some online casinos offer what is called manual flushing, and this is essentially the option to 'lock' a withdrawal once you’ve made it. This means you cannot physically reverse/cancel the withdrawal, and the casino will refuse to do so even if you were to contact them.

Not only does this mean you won’t be tempted to waste away a big win, but it also allows you to play on a 'withdraw-as-you-win' basis, ensuring you have more control over any winnings you enjoy.

Casinos with the Quickest Withdrawal Times

Remember, if you want fast withdrawals, then you’d do well to play at one of our recommended casinos shown in the table below. They all have lightning-fast withdrawal times, and, in some casinos, you will be happy to see the money in your account just a few hours after making your withdrawal request.

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