Neteller is a popular online EWallet payment system that was first created back in 1999. It’s owned and operated by Optimal Payments PLC, a publicly-traded company, and while the company was originally based in Canada, today its operations are run from the Isle of Man, which means the company is governed by the laws and regulations of the United Kingdom. 

Neteller is used by millions of people around the world, and is one of the most popular EWallets around; ideal for depositing and withdrawing at almost any online casino, this post looks at some of the main benefits of using Neteller, alongside some online casinos that accept the payment method.

What Is Neteller?

Neteller is much like an online bank – although legally, it’s not classified as a bank. Whilst Neteller isn’t officially a Bank, they’re still governed by the regulations of the FSA (United Kingdom’s Financial Services Authority), and this means user funds are kept separate from company accounts, and protected. The Neteller system can be compared to other popular EWallet systems online, like PayPal, and having an account allows you to store, send, and receive money, to both people, and companies.

Neteller is used prominently by players at online casinos, thanks to its simplicity, and the lack of fees required to use the service. Unlike PayPal, Neteller is accepted at almost all online casinos, and this ensures you don’t have to hunt around for a PayPal-accepting online casino – something that’s notoriously hard to do! In fact, the site is so prominent within the online gambling world, that at one point, Neteller was responsible for processing around 80% of all transactions between players and online casinos and this just goes to show how popular the EWallet system is.

Why Use Neteller?

  • Secure payments
  • Greater anonymity for security-conscious players
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals
  • Accepted by most online casinos
  • High levels of security

Online Casinos That Accept Neteller

Like we said, the majority of online casinos accept Neteller, and it’s rare to find casinos that don’t take the payment method. That said, not all online casinos are created equal, and that’s why we’ve put together a short list of the best online casinos around that currently accept the EWallet for both deposits and withdrawals. You can see details below.

How to Use Neteller

Setting yourself up with a Neteller account, and using it to add funds to your online casino account is particularly easy, and you can see the process detailed in the steps below:

#1 Creating a Neteller Account

Head to the main Neteller website by <LINK>clicking here</LINK> in order to sign up and create your free Neteller account. You’ll need a few bits of personal information, so make sure you have your address, postcode, phone number, and email address ready to give.

Once you’ve opened your Neteller account, you’ll need to confirm your email address – once you’ve done so, you’ll be all ready to go, and you’ll now receive what’s known as a “Neteller Account ID Number”, and your “Account Security ID”. These allow you to log in, send/receive money, and use your Neteller account.

#2 Adding Funds to Your Neteller Account

Funding your Neteller account is incredibly simple, and there are a host of different payment methods available to you, depending on the country you live in. Generally, Credit/Debit Card payments are the most common way to fund the accounts, as these payments are accepted globally, and this is alongside Bank Transfers (although the latter may not always be instant.)

You can also use other EWallets to fund your Neteller account, though this is where country restrictions play a greater part.

#3 Using Your Neteller Account to Deposit at an Online Casino

Once your Neteller account is funded, you’re ready to head to your preferred online casino, and deposit! This couldn’t be simpler, and you simply head to the Cashier/Banking section at your online casino, choose the amount you want to deposit, and select the Neteller option. You’ll then be able to login using your Neteller login details, confirm the payment, and voila; the funds are immediately ready in your online casino account!

#4 Withdrawing Using Your Neteller Account 

Withdrawing is equally as easy, and once you’re ready to place a withdrawal request at the online casino, you simply choose your Neteller Wallet as the destination for your withdrawal, and that’s it! Once the online casino has confirmed your withdrawal, you’ll see your funds instantly, and can then withdraw them from your Neteller account, or use them for making other purchases/transfers online.

Note: In order to withdraw money from your Neteller account, you’ll usually need to verify your account. In order to do so, you need to provide a legible photograph/scan of your Government-issued ID or Passport.

Neteller Sign Up Screenshot

Advantages of Using Neteller

As you can see from the post above, Neteller is both simple and efficient, and it’s a great way of funding and withdrawing from your online casino account. Below, you’ll see some of the main advantages of using Neteller – as well as a few of the disadvantages.

  • Easy to Create: Setting up a Neteller account takes just a few minutes, and all you need to get started is a few bits of personal information, alongside a valid email address, to verify your account.
  • Widely Accepted: Neteller can be used at the vast majority of online casinos, meaning you rarely have to use another payment method.
  • Quick Withdrawals: When you make a withdrawal from an online casino, once it’s processed by the casino, Neteller will usually credit your account within just a few seconds, meaning you have virtually instant access to your money. You can then withdraw from your Neteller EWallet through cheque, Bank Draft, Bank Transfer, and even Member Wires.
  • Secure Payments: Neteller uses state-of-the-art encryption and security to ensure your account (and the funds within it) are kept safe a all times.

Disadvantages of Using Neteller

  • Verification: In order to withdraw funds from your Neteller account, you’ll need to verify your account – this is, however, a simple case of just sending in a copy of your ID.
  • Limits: Much like PayPal and other EWallets, initially, you’ll likely be subject to limits in how much you can send or receive. These limits grow over time, and can be gotten rid of with extra security checks and verification processes.

Other than that, Neteller is really one of the better payment methods around today, and if you’re looking to use this popular EWallet at your chosen online casino, remember to check out our recommended casinos in the list below:

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