Skrill is one of the largest EWallet payment systems in the world, and is topped only by PayPal, in terms of the number of users around the world choosing to use the EWallet. Skrill is favoured by many online casino players thanks to its simplicity, low fees, high-security, and wide availability, and in this post, we’ll show you what Skrill is, how to create a Skrill account, and which online casinos accept Skrill as a deposit / withdrawal method.

What Is Skrill?

Skrill was originally called Moneybookers, a company founded back in 2001 in the United Kingdom, and initially, the business was created as a financial services business to provide financial transactions to its clients. Today, the company – as you can guess – is renamed Skrill, and helps process millions of transactions around the world each and every day. It’s essentially just like having your own online bank account, and thanks to the way in which Skrill has been built, there’s no need to have a Debit Card, or anything like that – it’s totally online, and all you need is your login details, and you can get started!

Tens of thousands of websites now accept Skrill payments, and it’s not just online casinos. In fact, due to PayPal’s lack of diversification around the world (many countries, particularly in the African and Indian areas aren’t allowed to set up PayPal accounts), Skrill has become the preferred option for making online payments in many countries, and the service continues to grow, with thousands of new users joining Skrill each and every day.

Why Use Skrill?

  • Instant Payments
  • Easy to deposit and withdraw at online casinos
  • Free to send/receive money from other Skrill account holders
  • Accepted by over 250 online casinos
  • Quick to create an account
  • Online Casinos that Accept Skrill

There’s hundreds of online casinos that currently accept Skrill as a payment method, although not all casinos are created equal! To help you find a trustworthy, reputable online casino that accepts Skrill, we’ve compiled a list of the best casinos accepting Skrill payments, and you can see the table (alongside the exclusive bonuses we’ve managed to secure you) below.

How to Use Skrill

Using Skrill is generally, relatively straightforward, and below, we’ll show you how to set up your account, fund it, and use it to deposit and withdraw at online casinos.

#1 Creating a Skrill Account

Opening a Skrill account is easy, simple, and free. You’ll need only 2-3 minutes to create your account, and to begin with, all you need is an email address, and a Debit/Credit Card. Fill out a few personal bits of information, link your Card (a Bank Account can also be used), and you’re all set!

#2 Adding Funds to Your Skrill Account

In order to add funds to your Skrill account, you’ll need to choose one of the multiple payment methods offered. Simply press the “Upload Funds” button in the main Skrill Account Overview window, and you can then use your Credit/Debit Card, Bank Account, or other payment method to add funds to your account.

Note: Until you verify your Skrill account, there are limits and restrictions on how much you can fund / receive.

#3: Using Your Skrill Account to Deposit at an Online Casino

Thanks to the fact that Skrill has been designed exclusively for online payments, it’s really simple, fast, and efficient to get your deposits processed, and simply head to the Banking or Cashier section of your chosen online casino, select “Skrill” as the payment method you’d like to use, and choose the amount – the online casino will then re-direct you to the official Skrill website where you’ll login, and confirm your payment. Once you’ve confirmed it, it’ll just few a couple of seconds to hit your casino balance, and then, it’s time to hit the games!

#4: Withdrawing Using Your Skrill Account

Withdrawing using Skrill is virtually the same as making a deposit, and all you need to do is head to the online casinos Banking or Cashier section, select “Skrill” as your withdrawal method, and make the withdrawal as normal. Once the casino has processed the withdrawal, it’ll generally be instantly available in your Skrill account – making it one of the fastest withdrawal methods around!

Skrill Screenshot

Advantages of Using Skrill

  • Instant Payments: Sending and receiving money using Skrill is instant, meaning there’s no 1… 2… even 5 day waits to send or receive funds!
  • Anonymous Payments: Payments can be completely anonymous if you want them to be, allowing for added security and privacy.
  • Low Fees (If Any): Skill’s fees are incredibly fair, and many transactions don’t attract a fee whatsoever! This largely depends on what country you’re in, and the type of payment/transaction you’re making, so always double-check first, but even when fees are involved, they’re pretty low!
  • Withdrawing Is Simple: Actually getting the money out of your Skrill account is quite simple (unlike some of the other EWallets around today!), and you can have your balance transferred to your Bank Account in just a few days!
  • Highly Secure: Skrill uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to make sure all your personal information and data is safe at all times and your funds are also fully-protected.

Disadvantages of Using Skrill

There’s really only one disadvantage of Skrill we could think of, and that’s the verification process. This can take 24-48 hours to complete, and while you can fund, send, and receive funds to your Skrill EWallet before you’re fully-verified, you’ll want to do it ASAP to lift limits and ensure you don’t run into any issues. Other than that, however, Skrill is extremely versatile, and in general, is by far one of the more desirable ways of adding funds to your online casino accounts, and it’s very, very rare for anything to go wrong while using the EWallet process.

Once you’ve signed up for your Skrill account, it’s really quick to get started, and you’ll see just how easy – and fast – it is to make payments using the service, once you’re logged in! To create your free Skrill account, click here, and you’ll be all done in a couple of minutes! Remember, if you’re looking for a high-quality, reputable, trustworthy online casino that accepts Skrill, be sure to check out of list of recommended online casinos below.

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